Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Day in the Life

Yesterday morning, running late for work, I dashed out the front door and into my car. There I opened my purse and discovered that all my keys were missing (or, did not discover my keys). I did not even attempt to test the front door; I had purposely made sure it was locked on my way out. And both my roommates had already left for work.

After considering various solutions in a slow and leisurely fashion (you know the old ad, "This is your brain on drugs"? Try tweaking it to "This is your brain in the morning"), I decided to call a friend who drives past my neighborhood on her way to our mutual place of employment. "Have you left for work yet?" I asked when she answered her cell.

"No," came the reply, with something peculiar lurking in its tone.

"I locked my keys in the house, and I was wondering if you could give me a ride to work!" I said with relief.

" . . . I did the same thing," said my friend, again sounding like she was speaking to me from a very distant moral height. I found out later that, upon locking her own keys in her house, she had arranged to be picked up by a roommate who was already on her way to the aforementioned mutual place of employment. When I called a minute later, my friend seriously thought that I had somehow discovered her plight and had called to tease her. I was able to convince her, and she and her roommate gave me a ride to work.

Now I ask you: What is the likelihood of two former roommates locking all their keys in their respective houses at the same time on the same morning? I dare you to try it.


em said...

Your brain in the morning...

Yes, I know what that's like! This morning I poured myself a cup of warm water instead of coffee, because I just put the full of water carafe on the burner instead of pouring it into the coffee maker...

naomi said...

LOL! Awww, Lee Ann, that's...amazing. Seriously.


I miss you . . . :-P