Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Be of Good Courage

This blog is read by a very small group of faceless people with whom I occasionally interface by phone, email, or letter. Let me tell you, writing to a cyber-audience is one of the most frustrating things I've ever done. However, I feel I owe it to you to write a sequel to my previous post, even though I really don't know what any of you thought of it and I'm not going to tell you why I felt so crummy.

I a little bit hate the universe right now. But I am pleased to announce several truths that do not fade even when my belief in them does:
My mom loves me!

The birds sing in springtime!!

Dorothy Sayers still rocks!!!

Roadtrips still happen!!!!

God hasn't fired me yet!!!!!


Bekah said...

I still love you and I'm not faceless! Just rarely seen! Hope things look up for you!

John said...

I can tell you what I thought: Something really painful just came your way. Nothing more--especially having only met you once.

Keep on keeping on. Every pain has a reason--though we usually see it only after we've passed through the flame. Standfast!

Lee Ann said...

Thanks. Y'all are so encouraging. :-)

Bekah said...

hey, are you coming to the play this weekend? It'll cheer you up! :)

Lee Ann said...

I'm coming! I can't wait!!!