Thursday, April 13, 2006

Reasons to Be Happy

Sometimes the world spins too fast to write coherently. That's how I've felt lately. So, in this last post before Easter, I am going to slow down and contemplate the small but beautiful things that make life worth living now:

It's Easter! I have a long weekend. Tomorrow I am driving home by way of Skyline Drive--an expensive, slow, circuitous route, silent and restful, beautiful and surprising, a ride that unwinds moment by moment and mile by mile and view by view. I'll listen to music, get my snack at a camp store, and maybe walk a bit on the Appalachian Trail.

When I get home, the windows of the house will be open and I will be able to hear their voices as I get out of my car. We will talk (a lot), drink tea, eat dinner, and sit around the table laughing and probably arguing, too, because that's what Italians do, only you call it a "discussion."

My housemate is coming on Saturday to spend Easter with us. Maybe we'll watch Pride and Prejudice (still haven't seen it!). On Sunday, we'll go to my grandmother's for a last Easter dinner in her house, because she just sold it--after 30 years--and is moving to her hometown of Pittsburgh.

Happy Easter, my friends!

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Bekah said...

Pride and Prejudice rocks! so does your family! I was wondering who that chik with you was today. now I know. :) Happy Easter!