Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was not a princess yet, because she lived in a tiny brown cottage with tall narrow windows between an ugly village and a scary forest. Until one day a herald came to her door and told her that the king wanted to adopt her. According to the herald's scroll, if she signed the dotted line at the bottom, she would be allowed to move into the palace. This was a very good bargain for the girl. So she signed the scroll, received the carbon copy, and became a princess.

On the back of the carbon copy were the directions to the castle: "Go outside and start walking down the road." It did not say to go north, south, east, or west. It didn't tell her what to pack or how long she would have to walk. This was a very weird first step. Besides, walking meant probably going through the scary forest. So the girl stayed in the tiny brown cottage. The problem was, the girl started to feel trapped: between the scary forest, the ugly village, and the cottage. When she was inside the cottage, she wanted to get out. When she was outside it, she stood frozen on the doorstep. When she was in the village, she looked longingly at the forest. And she never went in the forest. She started to hate everything and everyone. Really hate them. And she hated the world, and life in general, and the stupid piece of paper with her signature on it. And then she hated herself, for being trapped.

Until another day when she came home from the village and reached her hand to the doorknob of the cottage and found it was locked. There was a sign on the door that read: "I'm putting my foot down. You've dillydallied long enough. You have a choice: Start walking, or go in your tiny brown cottage and possibly never come out. Signed, The King. P.S. This door will unlock in three minutes."

The girl realized then that she had only three minutes to make a very important decision. And she also realized that the reason she had never taken the first step into the woods was because she was afraid that the piece of paper was a scam, the directions would make her wander in the wilderness all alone for years, and that when she finally arrived at the castle, the king would say, "I'm sorry, my dear, it was all a joke. You don't belong here in my special world. Go back to your ugly, nasty little world where you came from and think about your miserable life and how you can never get out of it."

The girl had three minutes to make her decision. She turned her back on the cottage and started walking.


Motokeb said...

Bravo, Lee Ann, bravo. I recently had an excellent conversation with my bro about that forest. He helped me realize how very necessary it is.

Motokeb said...

I've also been slowly deciding whether there are any answers. It's an important question, not for the idly-curious, but for every one of us to has given up on God or ourselves. It was a long time in coming, but the answer is yes; to these questions and to many, many more. At least, if God is real and the Bible true, then there are answers to every question that burdens or discourages us. These may not be answers that can be delivered in a friend's explanation or advice, but they are promises in Scripture that God, by his presense and Spirit, makes effectual to the gathering and perfecting of the saints.

(some of the above language was modified from the Westminster Confession of Faith, chapter XXV)

HisDelightIsInMe said...

You have no idea how much that Princess reminds me of another princess I know right now. . . I think the princess I know is ready to run into the forest, but she keeps hoping and even praying for a reason to stay.

Ceste said...

Wow, Lee Ann! I love the allegory here.