Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Questions on My Wall

1) Does beauty matter?

2) Are there answers?

3) Am I chosen?

Make of these what you will. However, no pat answers are allowed. Also, no strictly anonymous comments (please include your name if you do not have a Blogger account).


Michael H. said...

1) Yes, beauty does matter. And who cares if beauty is skin deep. After all, who wants a good-lookin' pancreas.

2) Yes, there are most definitely answers... for example (as Doug Adams so rightly pointed out), the answer to the ultimate question in life is 42. It remains to be discovered whether there are questions worthy of the answers.

3) Yes, you are chosen. It just remains to be seen whether that calling will lead to fame, riches and glory -- or an obscure, early death.

Isn't it amazing how three affirmative answers can be so depressing.

why I do not try telling the future

Lee Ann said...

Smart aleck! But good to hear from you anyway. :-)

John C. said...

The trouble with profound questions is that they often require a great deal of qualification to become answerable.

1) Beauty matters, but it comes in many forms. Artwork may be visually beautiful; the same goes for landscapes, birds, or people. But we all know that the visual isn't the whole of the thing or person. The essence should be beautiful too. Beauty has many subjective definitions, but there are a few things that are incontrovertible--among them: "...beautiful are the feet that bring the sound of good news." Well, now. Do you have beautiful feet? However you answer the question, it matters.

2) There are answers. We don't always like them, and we don't always hear them. The latter predicament has many causes. It may be that we don't want to hear the answers to our questions, and so they trickle down our emotional raincoats and never get to our hearts. The problem might also be that the answer does not come in the form we expect--we look so hard in this corner, but the answer is in that one. I think the trouble may also be the fact that answers do not always come in our lifetimes.

3) Yes. Every creature on earth has a purpose. For more specifics, I suppose you'll have to do a lot of soul-searching.