Friday, September 01, 2006

What I Did This Summer

1) I did NOT finish my writing project. I abandoned it entirely. I am free, weightless.

2) I read Far From the Madding Crowd (beautiful) and Cold Comfort Farm (hilarious). Unfortunately, I'm stalled in Under the Greenwood Tree due to its incredible boringness.

3) I planned my future--about 38 times. What I actually end up doing in 2007 will probably be entirely different from anything I imagined this summer.

Here are the things I didn't predict I'd do this summer:

4) Take a counseling class. If you've never done this, do it. It will change your life.

5) Read Blue Like Jazz. If you've never read this, read it. It will also change your life.

And, here is the thing that my whole family was expecting but that was still incredibly hard:

6) My little brother went off to college.

Due to (4) and (5), I'm hoping that this blog will be a much more transparent account of myself during the coming year. I hope that instead of contriving to present an image of myself as I want you to see me, I will honestly share with you. And due to (6), I'm hoping that this blog will be a nice little nexus of the crossed paths of my family as we scatter to the corners of the earth.

(Oh, and check out my bug watch in the sidebar and my tweaked template. I'm finally figuring out HTML!)


Child of Grace said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful to go to your blog and see the new update. I almost leapt out of my seat with joy (which would undoubtedly have startled my co-workers.) :-)

LOL on the bug watch. I need something like that, living here in the land of "palmetto bugs." :-)

Ceste said...

Yeah, Blue Like Jazz is definitely a must-read for every Christian, esp those of us who were entrenched w/ it from almost day 1. And which lil bro is @ vmi? Jonathan?