Monday, October 16, 2006

The Forest

Two people have commented on "the forest" from my last entry. I'm intrigued that nobody's mentioned the cottage or the castle. It makes me wonder--

What does the forest mean to you?

To me, it simply means the questions I've been too afraid to ask. Is God good? Does He love me? For years, I was afraid to ask those questions because I was afraid that the answer would be no. The deeply terrifying possibilities in those questions taught me to make choices and build walls and fortify myself against disappointment in a way that literally cut me off from life. I was trapped--so afraid of the answers that I did not ask the questions.

Obviously I would not be writing this entry if there had not come a point (this past summer, in fact) when God helped me to see my absurd position. Interestingly, He didn't give me any answers--He just gave me a choice: take a step in some direction (in my case, ask the questions) or remain riveted in fear.

So that is my forest. What's yours?


HisDelightIsInMe said...

My forest is change. . . trusting TODAY that the God of tomorrow is the same as the God of yesterday.

All my life I've prayed that He'll use me in whatever position He sees fit, that my prayer will be "here I am, send me!" But when it comes to actually facing change (of location, job, dreams or even just little plans) I panic.

But like your princess, I have no more choice to stand on the steps of the cottage. The choice is "trust Me, or reject Me." There's no fence to straddle. To hesitate is to choose.

Ceste said...

My forest is very similar to yours. The tendency to pad my little world w/ familiarity & never branch out is so tempting, yet stifling @ the same time.