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Things I'm Thinking About

George Orwell advised readers of the Evening Standard how to make "A Nice Cup of Tea" in 1949. Was he right? I was surprised to discover that even though I don't follow all eleven of his guidelines, I see the wisdom in each. Even though I pour my milk in first, it's because I think that gives the final cup of tea a smoother flavor; whereas Orwell poured the milk in last because he wanted to precisely regulate the amount. Whatever floats your boat.

Although I'm an eleven-point Orwellian, I determined in the wee hours of the morning (woke up, couldn't go back to sleep) that I'm a one-point Calvinist. The point I hold to is perseverance of the saints. Maybe Calvin got more sleep than I do.

Randomly, the concept of sensory processing is also on my radar screen. Try it, you'll like it.

Modern-Day Middle Ages

I know the Middle Ages weren't so hot. People lived in squalor and died of germs and ate gruel amongst the pigs. But then again, if the Middle Ages were so bad, where did all that beautiful art come from? I wish that today, people dreamed big enough outside of their windowless cubicles and postage-stamp-sized front lawns to tell modern-day Arthurian legends. I wish that they performed acoustic music that was never, ever recorded or even written down--just music out of someone's memory and remembered by everyone as a moment never to be repeated. I wish we used beautiful words like thee and thou and hight. I wish we only did one or two things every day, that we hung out with our friends more, that we walked more than drove, that silence was a fact of life. That minutes meant something. That we were proud of the work of our hands. That we were buried in real graveyards with beautiful hand-carved stones. That we didn't miss all the fun because we were too busy taking pictures.