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Sunny Day Blues

We finally had spring and
friends in town and
a reason to celebrate (a wedding with real champagne)

but somehow it took more energy than I had

leaving just enough, this morning, for me to take a shower and crawl back into bed.

Forget the plans to be the perfect hostess, the perfect friend.

On a better day I'd provide square meals and clever conversation,
but don't take it personally because
today I even failed God by skipping church.

Now, for most people today is a day for a drive in the country,
mowing the lawn, or taking a walk,
today, lying on the couch is about all I'm up to.

Through the open window I can see and hear
all the life that is going on without me.

The world is still spinning gently, the game still in play--
but I somehow got disqualified.

Today, my worst is the best I have to give.

'Nuff Said