Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Grand Weaver

I borrowed Ravi Zacharias's new book from the library because I've been wondering lately about how to identify God's hand in my circumstances, and the book is subtitled How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives. Unfortunately, although there is a lot of good insight in the book, I found it more confusing than anything. I assume that it was written to fulfill a book contract, and the editor wasn't quite on the ball. (Curses on the Christian book industry! That includes you, Zondervan!)

Chapter titles include "Your DNA Matters," "Your Disappointments Matter," "Your Will Matters," and "Your Worship Matters." Each chapter is best read as a unit unto itself, offering good suggestions for transforming our attitudes about each facet of our being.

What I found confusing was fitting all the chapters into the weaver metaphor. As I sat down to write this review, I was going to tell you my solution to this problem, but I gave up instead. Not only is it difficult to figure out how the chapters fit together, but many of the illustrations don't seem to fit into the chapter arguments.

If you want to read it (and I'm not saying not to), check it out from the library or borrow it from someone. Actually, it might work well for a group Bible study, because then you could go down all the rabbit trails and the overall plan of the book wouldn't matter. How ironic, that a book about design fails the design test.

This is the only book I've read by Ravi Zachiarias. I've heard him speak and I was really impressed, so I'm hoping his other books are better. But like I said, there's still some good insight in this book.

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