Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How We Met

Reading is as much an experience as it is an accomplishment, so I love stories about how certain books get read. For instance, when I was elementary-age I checked a book out of the library whose title I misread as The Civil War. It was actually called The Cybil War (by Betsy Byars) and it had nothing to do with American history. But I did enjoy it very much.

With C.S. Lewis's space trilogy, which I just finished, the story is quite different. I've loved C.S. Lewis's work ever since I heard The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as a book on tape when I was three or four. But I've never really been into science fiction. I came to be rather embarassed that I had read many of Lewis's writings, including obscure poems, but not his space trilogy.

So then one day when I was visiting my family last year, I picked up That Hideous Strength just to sort of fill some time. I started reading it and really got into all the college politics and the workings of the N.I.C.E., and somehow realized that this was the last book in the trilogy. After that I convinced myself to start with the beginning of the trilogy so that I could eventually get to the N.I.C.E. again, in context. Every time I visited home after that I would work through the trilogy. I enjoyed it so much that by the time I reached the last few chapters, I tried to stretch them out over a few days because I didn't want the books to be over.

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Chris said...

Now here is an old reading memory.
Do you remember when you read us, I think it was, The best Christmas Ever.