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Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders (Aimee Liu)

If you're reading this post (I don't think many people are), you're probably wondering if I have an eating disorder. And the answer is, I don't. So your next question is, why did I read it?

Because I (like every other American) know at least one person with an eating disorder. And many more people who are either borderline or won't admit they have this problem.

Because this is an excellently written book that takes you inside the minds of people who struggle with eating disorders and helps you to understand where they are coming from.

Because this book sheds light on the full spectrum of each personality trait that is associated with eating disorders. As I read this book and placed myself in each spectrum, I saw how my own personality has led me down similar or contrasting paths to the men and women featured. In other words, I came to a better understanding of myself.

I wish Christians wrote books like this. Aimee Liu has carefully researched, sensitively interviewed, …

Death on the Nile (Agatha Christie)

I am hereby inaugurating a rating system for Agatha Christie mysteries:

1=If you miss one of these, you're not missing anything
2=Enjoyably predictable Christie fare
3=Christie at her best

Death on the Nile warrants a 3--go read it, it's clever. And the featured detective is Hercule Poirot.