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We simply do not believe

in a God who is so intrinsically good that His commitment to be fully Himself is equivalent to a commitment to be very good to us. When he tells us that He is out for His own glory, and will glorify Himself by making known who He is, we can relax. It's something like a wealthy, generous father declaring his intention to display his true character. We know we're in for a bundle. That is, if we're his heirs.

~ The Safest Place on Earth, ch. 6

Quotable Apologia

No one is at liberty to speak ill of another without a justifiable reason, even though he knows he is speaking truth, and the public knows it too.

. . .

May we not . . . look for a blessing through obedience even to an erroneous system, and a guidance even by means of it out of it?

~ Apologia Pro Vita Sua, ch. 4