Saturday, March 01, 2008

The things I do are unprecedented things.

This round road I am treading is an untrodden path. I do believe in breaking out; I am a revolutionist. But don't you see that all these real leaps and destructions and escapes are only attempts to get back to Eden - to something we have had, to something at least we have heard of? Don't you see one only breaks the fence or shoots the moon in order to get home?

~ G. K. Chesterton, Manalive, ch. 3


Bekah said...

You used a semicolon! You used it in between two independent clauses! YAY!

john said...

Chesterton's thinking in this respect is one of the reasons he was sometimes (wrongly) accused of sympathy with the Fascists.

I think the mistake comes because he understood something that people generally don't any more: the political "Left" and "Right" can be very close in their aims, particularly when they are "revolutionary". The major difference is that one is trying to get "back" and the other is trying to get "away".