Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Miscellaney

You Can't Take It With You, produced by Castaways Repertory Theatre and directed by my sister: Community theater is fun because you always know someone in the cast. This production is especially entertaining because my sister is directing it (oh, wait, did I say that already?) and because it's zany with a little bit of wisdom tossed in. Everyone in the cast shines, no matter what their previous theater experience. That is probably due to the impressive directing, but maybe I'm biased.

Prince William Forest Park: There are 37 miles of hiking trails here; on Saturday I tried out the Laurel Loop Trail. It's easy and goes past the South Fork Quantico Creek. Some of the creek was partly covered with about two inches of ice, and none of the mountain laurel was in bloom yet.


Abs said...

yay! Lee Ann is Posting again.

And I am not.

Except on other's blogs.


Child of Grace said...

I love You Can't Take It With You. That must have been so much fun to watch.