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Companiable Silence

A friend visited me today, and after we had talked and eaten, she worked on the computer while I did ribbon embroidery, then she took a nap while I read, and then she read while I did dishes. It made me think of the time another friend and I ate almost an entire meal together without speaking (we were each reading something, I admit), and at one point she said, "We would make good hermits."
I think a good friend is someone you can be quiet with.

Large-Family Math

There are ten people living in my house with four cars among us, two of which are disabled in the driveway (including the twelve-seater); a third has been stalling randomly. My brother just arrived home for the weekend with his pickup (seats three). Tomorrow morning we must all arrive at church at two different times, along with the two fellow churchmembers who ride with us. After the service we must arrive home in time for four of us to depart for various activities including a work shift. If you do the math, you'll find it adds up to an irrational number.