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It's as if

the glass was shattered, lies splintered and glittering
at the bottom of my heart
- - - a pile of flaked ice, the shards clinking and scraping one another

i'm picking up the pieces, turning them over
trying to understand and maybe put them back together

but it's impossible. and the edges are sharp.

but still I notice
how they sparkle, how the light i didn't know was here

bends back and forth, makes golden paths and rainbows all around me.

Inside Looking Out

when i stop pretending that all this
(black and sordid little universe,
two-dimensional two-penny-novel ghost-town nightmare
with its flat rainbows and paste diamonds
and petty-dictator god) is okay,

then i know

that outside is the velvety darkness of a bigger universe . . .
the aching glitter of stars and
. . . cool ripples of air, Japanese maples . . .
everywhere the flashing hints of a different God

and frantically i tear down these paper walls surrounding me

to find that light seeping in