Saturday, June 26, 2010


It's as if

the glass was shattered, lies splintered and glittering
at the bottom of my heart
- - - a pile of flaked ice, the shards clinking and scraping one another

i'm picking up the pieces, turning them over
trying to understand and maybe put them back together

but it's impossible. and the edges are sharp.

but still I notice
how they sparkle, how the light i didn't know was here

bends back and forth, makes golden paths and rainbows all around me.

1 comment:

Janice Phillips said...

I love the imagery and power in your words. Reminds me of us being beautiful pottery, created by God, but that are broken and crushed into little pieces by suffering and trials only to be put back together again into a breathtaking mosaic that looks strangely like our Saviour and yet are more functional and priceless than when we were just pieces of clay pottery.

Thanks for the inspirational post.