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Contest Entry/Blog Post

Don Miller is holding a contest over on his blog for a free trip to his Living a Better Story seminar in Portland, Oregon, next month. To enter the contest, you write a blog entry about what kind of story you want to live and how you hope the seminar will help you achieve that. (For more details on the contest, go here -- and please hurry because the contest ends this Friday.) This is my contest entry. It’s doing double duty for my faithful blog readers as an update on where I’m headed next.

First, though, watch this video which explains a little bit more about the conference and makes you really want to attend.

Living a Better Story Seminar from All Things Converge Podcast on Vimeo.
Here is the story I want to live: I am going to move across the country -- from one coast to the other. This is going to happen sometime between January and June of next year (2011), depending on when I am able to find a job. I am looking for a job in book publishing because, in about ten years or so, I want…