Saturday, November 06, 2010

Why Be?

. . . because I buy flowers. And today one vase wasn't enough for them all, so there's one bouquet on my dresser and another on the shelf.

. . . because I got a new haircut.

. . . because it's fun to write again. So I'm writing a novel. And last night, working on it, I felt happy.

. . . because a friend told me to watch 30 Rock, and Alec Baldwin is flawlessly hilarious.

. . . and live chamber music in the evening and the acoustics were perfect, and yesterday I made a list of the people that love me. And a golden retriever who never gives up hope for an extra morsel of food from the kitchen counter. An autumn-leaved tree, straight-trunked, out my window. Finally admitting all the things that never made sense, and holding my breath, wondering, thinking maybe . . . all the things I once hoped for, could they be possible?

1 comment:

Abigail said...

It is good to watch you grow in Real Hope.