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"Jacob stood in front of the granary

and watched the snow falling. Some of the flakes dropped straight to earth and others swirled and eddied as if seeking to return to the heavenly storehouses. The rotting thatch of the roofs was covered with white, and the clutter of broken wheels, logs, poles, and piles of shavings was decorated with fleece and the dust of diamonds. The roosters were crowing with wintery voices."
~ The Slave, Isaac Bashevis Singer, ch. 4, section 2


I haven't posted in a while - my life has gradually become interesting enough to me that I don't actually need to sit down and write about it. But for what it's worth, here's where I'm at right now:In the church year, today is Trinity Sunday.Reading Boundariesby Cloud and Townsend - a clear and organized distillation of the things I've started learning over the past year.Rereading Sense and Sensibility. I think I understand now why I never liked it before. Elinor is such a goody-two-shoes! I'm enjoying this novel more now that I'm responding to the story honestly, and I'm curious to see where Austen takes it.New website in my blogroll: This guy is very funny.Flowers on my dresser: lavender mums.At work I was recently upgraded from a cubicle to my own office. And it has a window!!!I'm moving into a new apartment at the beginning of July. Actually, it's the same townhouse where I lived a couple years ago, before I moved back …