Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love the part in A Million Miles in a Thousand Years where Don Miller is describing a very painful time in his life, and he says, "I didn't want to get well, because if I got well, nobody would come and save me anymore." That sentence describes me and, I think, a lot of other Christians. For years I waited for God (or someone) to rescue me. It was partly because that's what I wanted. It's always easier when someone else does the work. It was also partly because my theology described God as the only one in the universe with the power and the right to act - all of us humans must submit mindlessly to His bidding. The way this worked out for me was that I waited and I waited to be rescued and things kept getting worse, and God just sat there for some reason. Finally I decided that I cared enough about my own survival to try rescuing myself. I guess that's what God was waiting for because after that it's been like a journey in which He says, "Here's some options you could try," and I say, "Well, I'd really like to go in this direction," and He says, "That's an interesting idea." Eventually I discovered that instead of me being the princess riding behind a prince on a white horse, I had my own horse and a sword and shield and everything. It's really fun. Maybe this is why Eowyn is my favorite Lord of the Rings character.

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Anonymous said...

Eowyn is my fav too. I'd love to see more analysis from you on her character sometime.

Arwen was always distant, 2-D and trophywife-ish to me, but Eowyn was real, fragile AND strong. Emotions were an asset to her, not a weakness.