Sunday, December 11, 2011

Third Sunday of Advent

It's the day we light the rose candle, the symbol of joy, and the homily was about suffering. How strange, and yet, the more I think about it, how appropriate. For it's only as the question of suffering grows ever greater, a gaping hole in the universe, that we demand anything like a suitable answer. Have you ever peered into the abyss? Have you ever faced the chasms of fear, shame, and loneliness that live inside you, or gazed at the ugliness that surrounds you? Flee from these realities and a mere household idol will be enough for you. You will only need a god who satisfies small needs and petty questions. Admit your suffering and you will have to ask the agonizing question of whether a bigger God exists. The more I've come to terms with my pain, the more I've demanded a God who knows what to do about it. My worst fear was that He didn't exist. But He does - and He speaks an answer so infinite it shakes the earth and floods it with rivers of light.


Jamie Robinson said...

Lee Ann - LOVE this! My goodness, you need to write a book about your journey...This is so raw and real, and yet brimming also with the reality of hope! Well done!

Jamie Robinson said...

I'm actually going to be speaking on Sunday to a group of ladies about Christ's passion, suffering, justice,and think your thoughts would be so relevant to what we all face if we're honest. I wondered if I might request your permission to perhaps read a portion of this in my talk as a contemporary woman's thoughts on suffering. Would tat be alright? I won't print or distribute it.