Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Dream That Came True

The mahogany baby grand was a 6o-year-old Baldwin that had been almost completely rebuilt on the inside by a piano technician. It was showcased in the technician's basement, the lid open. It had nearly perfect ivory keys, hardly yellowed, and almost everything inside was new - the strings, the hammers, the rest of the action. He had put a shim in the original soundboard. I sat down to play it and its tone was slightly mellow, almost exactly the sound I'd been looking for all those years. Secretly I'd wanted a mahogany finish, too, but that was the lowest specification on my list. The piano was $2000 out of my price range. At my piano lesson that week, I told my teacher that I'd have to keep looking. But she loaned me $2000 instead.

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